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37th Annual Archdiocesan Social Ministry Convocation - Saturday, March 5, 2016
Care for Our Common Home

Video of Opening Session with Archbishop William Lori and Dr. Carolyn Woo, President and CEO, Catholic Relief Services

Material for Grants

34rd Annual Social Ministry Convocation Workshop - March 2013
Inclusionary Housing - ZIP Code is Destiny - Patrick Maier, Executive Director - Innovative Housing Institute

"The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is the Gospel at work and Catholic social teaching in action."
- Bishop Roger P. Morin, Chairman, CCHD Subcommittee, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
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CCHD Funding: Frequently Answered Questions

Seven Key Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Color the World with Justice -- Themes of Catholic Social Teaching Coloring Activity
Catholic Social Teaching Coloring Book Instructions
Catholic Social Teaching Coloring Book

Take a Step Illustration of Advantages, Disadvantages and Factors Leading to Poverty: Version for Middle and High Schools

Superhero of Justice

Economic Justice for All - Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy
U. S. Catholic Bishops, 1986 - A Pastoral Message

The Social Ministry Convocation

The Two Parts of Social Ministry

Archdiocese of Baltimore CCHD Information

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Profiles of Funded Groups

Catholic Social Teaching and Select CCHD Terms

Explanations and Clarifications of CCHD Criteria and Guidelines

Resources for Grantseekers

CCHD Baltimore in the News

CCHD grants empower poor to effect change - The Catholic Review
CCHD helps fuel Elkridge parishioners efforts - The Catholic Review
Groups say Catholic Campaign for Human Development grants are crucial - The Catholic Review
CCHD grants help poverty-level groups help themselves - The Catholic Review
Church campaign donates $206,000 to fight poverty - The Catholic Review

Social Justice in Action
Ideas for Action: Learn about programs listed here! Choose one that fits your needs.

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Catholic Campaign for Human Development National Web Site

CCHD Newsletter: Helping People Help Themselves

CCHD Community Organizing Grants Criteria & Guidelines

Deadlines for the Grant Application Process

Poverty USA - America's Forgotten State Poverty Map Take the Poverty Tour

Fairly Traded Gourmet Coffee and Chocolate

Parish Social Ministry of Catholic Charities, Baltimore Maryland

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